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This volume contains twelve contributions: Wittgenstein as a Reader of Freud : From the Conversations to the "Return to Freud" (P.L. Assoun); The Reception of the Private Language Argument (G. Baker);  Wittgenstein in America : From one Pragmatism to Another (C. Chauviré); Ludwig Wittgenstein or the Refusal of the Crown (G. Granel); Wittgenstein 100 years later (B. McGuinness); A Language-game for Logic (K. Lorenz); Logic and Mysticism : on Russell’s and Wittgenstein’s Logical Atomism (F. Nef); Can Wittgenstein be read in France ? Now ? And How ? (J. Poulain);  From the First to Second Wittgenstein : “Touching up” the Picture (É. Rigal);  Contempt for Fregean Logicism and Misunderstanding of Tractatus in France between the Two Wars (F. Schmitz);  First Reactions to Tractatus on the Continent : Cavaillès & Patocka (J. Sebestik); To Prove and to Understand in Wittgenstein : A Phenomenology of its Own (A. Soulez) 


(C.I.PH., juin 1988)

Edited by Fernando Gil

Format : 230 pagesRETAIL PRICE
P & P INCLUDED : 19.00 €
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