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Author GRANEL, Gérard
 APOLIS : This collection gathers together different studies mobilizing not only classic and contemporary philosophers (Aristote, Descartes, Kant, Marx, Husserl and Heidegger) but also Dante, Rousseau and Lacan in order to show that (i) the globalization is obstructive with regard to the world as such (that is, "the opened in its immensity"), and that (ii) we can only grasp the genuine features and laws of globalization if we link the heideggerian question of planetary technics with the marxian analyses of the "Form-Capital".
The central claim underlying all the questions raised by Granel in Apolis is the following one : The world of globalization is built on a specific "union of the science, the democraty, the happiness and the moral conduct" which threatens to lock us in a "gilded cage", so that our only mean to render it habitable is to become resistance fighters.


ISBN: 2095670-50-9

160 pages

P & P INCLUDED : 16.00 €
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